5 Tips for a Stunning Bedroom

5 Tips for a Stunning Bedroom

Bedrooms wear the personality of the owner. We can say, show me your bedroom and I’ll tell you who you are. Luxury bedrooms, however, take it a notch higher, they exude so much class, comfort and exclusivity, after all, they are the most private spaces of the 1%.

Nevertheless, there are tips and tricks you can use to elevate your bedroom and give it an elegant effect. 

Here are some great ideas: 

Soothing Color Palette: Soft colours on the walls, accessories, furniture and decor, have been proven to be more soothing than loud colours. The idea is to induce an ambience where one is relaxed upon entering the room.  Although your room has a colour scheme, it wouldn’t hurt to infuse some cheerful colours into the design as well, as long as they complement the existing palette.

Spacious: Your bedroom needs room to breathe. A lot of space produces a calming effect, allowing more air and light in. It’s easier to get rest when your space isn’t clustered. Space is also an important feature when considering the dimensions of your furniture so that everything fits comfortably inside.

Bed and Bedding: A bedroom is a ‘bedroom’ so it’s pretty important. A high bed frame is more comfortable, as it makes for a relaxing back rest while sitting up with a book and coffee. It’s also more fashionable. Bed frames with upholstered finishings are more popular because of the ‘rest’ appeal. Bed linens, pillows, and comforters in the same colour palette as your room will continue the serene, soothing feel, and lift the look of your room. In addition, beyond the aesthetics, your mattress must be comfortable, although it still boils down to personal preference.

Lighting: Elegant chandeliers, wall sconces and nightstand lamps are an important part of creating the right mood in a luxury bedroom. Soft lighting is essential to create a relaxing atmosphere. – Designing Idea

Accessories: The accessories that go with your luxury bedroom are extensions of your taste, but they should also match the design theme you have chosen. In-door plants are great for any room.

Bonus Idea:

Sweet Scent: Your bedroom could look beautiful, but with the wrong smell, all your hard work is undermined. A lovely smell should accompany a beautiful room. Use humidifiers, scented candles and room mists to create your desired atmosphere.

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