Luxury and Profit in One Place

Luxury and Profit in One Place

Do you remember this project? 👇

Of course you do. It’s the lovely Bridge Peridot Townhouses.

Did you know this property was invested at N30M in 2015 and only 5 years later was resold for over quadruple the amount at N130M?

Something better than owning a property is earning profit from that property.

And now, another phase of the Bridge developments is going up, but only for a limited 6 units.

Smart Location

Perched at the primarily residential Idu, Mbora District, of Abuja, the Bridge Apartments are well situated in close proximity to convenient locations such as the Train Station, Hospitals, and the established commercial area in the district. Residents can enjoy recreational facilities and other public amenities without necessarily venturing into the city centre.

This property has a special mortgage plan for investors constrained for immediate full investment. This plan is spread up to 5 years in monthly or quarterly subscriptions.

With an upfront equity subscription of 30%, move into your house in 365 days.
Terms and conditions apply.

🗾 Location: Idu, Mbora District, Abuja
💰 Investment amount: N59.9m (2 bedroom apartments)
N69.9m (3 bedroom apartments)

Don’t miss out on this limited edition offer.

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