ROI; The Investor’s Market

ROI; The Investor’s Market

With the current inflation rate in Nigeria (according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics) hitting a record high of 15.70% in March 2022, it is clear that the longer your money remains in the bank, the lower its buying power. 

None of us wants to wake up one day, having saved up tons of cash in the bank, realizing that our money is now worth little or nothing.

Of course, investment is the obvious solution to this problem. But the question is, what kind of investment is sure to hedge you against inflation?

Recall that in 2012, Nigerians who invested in the stock market during the bullish era had to count losses, while those who fixed their money with banks or invested in bonds, also witnessed a depreciation in the value of their funds and assets. 

The answer? Real Estate. 

Real estate, like gold, tends to retain its intrinsic value during inflation better than paper assets. But unlike gold, the value of real estate rises, as inflation rises. It most certainly is about buying low and selling higher. 

Don’t you think it is time for you to get on board with real estate?

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