What does Luxury and Comfort mean to You?

What does Luxury and Comfort mean to You?

When you think about luxury what comes to mind? What about comfort, is it also different?

These two ideas are believed to exist on different sides of the real estate design spectrum. While most of us can agree on functionality, a lot of people seem to be at odds over what style should mean when it comes to luxury or comfort. We thought it smart to wade in with our two cents, after all we deliver both with optimal excellence. However, we also know that luxury or comfort are relatively understood and appreciated. In other words, what is luxury for one might not be so for the other and what is comfort for one might not be the same for another. Now that’s out of the way, let’s dive in.


What makes luxury, luxury? 

First on the pole would be the location. More than a choice zip code, real estate experts say that HNIs (High Net worth Individuals) are willing to invest premium in emerging locations if they accommodate their lifestyle and come with the requisite amenities.

Another would be the aesthetics and finishing. Luxury housing means more than a beautiful home. It’s the construction materials, the exotic finishing: the plaster, marble flooring, high-grade appliances and it goes on. They all come together to become an edifice of real estate opulence.

Luxury  is also found in the house’s unique comforts, say an in-house cinema, a gazebo, a game room. Finally, luxury can be expressed in the privacy/seclusion of the neighborhood.

Whew! Seems like a lot doesn’t it?

Let’s talk about Comfort.

What makes a home a comfortable one?

Comfort doesn’t have much to do with size, location or even finishing.  However comfortable housing is very much a part of intentional living, and does not even always mean averagely affordable housing.  With the right design techniques, space management and ingenuity, a house is elevated from average to super.

But comfort like luxury is relative, and if a house is to become a home for you, both of them must meet where it appeals to you the most. Your home is your place of comfort and rest. And if this isn’t achieved, then all the effort you put into owning a home might not be realized.

At Hall 7, from ideation phase to handover, we have you right at the center. This is evident from the strategic positioning of our properties, the innovative house designs, the facilities present and even the layout. Our investors’ comfort is a priority to us, which we also fuse with the furnishings of premium luxury.

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Property Focus: Arrowhead Duplex

What comes to mind when you think of innovative house design? Do you think ultra-modern? Exotic? Unique? If all these fit your description, then the arrowhead is a clincher.

The arrowhead duplex is a statement of architectural ingenuity and it stands right in line to our niche as a 21st century innovative real estate brand.

Its amazing features include: a grandiose living room, spacious kitchen, four queen sized en-suite bedrooms, a work from home office, study or library and 1 room staff quarters. Coated with green areas, the homes are great for families.

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