Featured Property: The Imperial Vista

Featured Property: The Imperial Vista

In today’s feature, we will be examining one of Hall7’s projects – The Imperial Vista.

As always, we will be discussing the details of the project, as well as the value that investors have enjoyed so far from this off-plan development. 


Let’s dive in.

The Imperial Vista project is located at Life Camp, Abuja. The project kicked off as an off-plan project, and it has since then enjoyed a generous influx of investors. 

The Imperial Vista is a premium lifestyle community with a series of carefully designed unique neighborhoods that reflect the personality of investors. There are four house types at the Imperial Vista – namely: The Arrowhead, Peaked Terraces, the Hexagonal Courtyard and the Cubiq duplexes. 

Asides the fact that the Imperial Vista is beautifully arrayed with greenery, this premium community also has a state of the art recreational area for residents. 

Although the Imperial Vista is still in its developmental process, about 85% of the project has been fully subscribed to. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Imperial Vista, and the value that has been derived by early bird investors so far.

Capital Appreciation

Dating back to the time the Imperial Vista project kicked off – over 3 years ago, the Arrowhead duplex was selling for 69.9Million Naira. But today, it is available for 99.9Million Naira. 

For the Peaked terrace, Each unit of the peaked terraces was selling for 35million naira. But currently, a unit is available for 69.9Million Naira

A unit at the hexagonal courtyard was selling for 79.9Million Naira. But the same unit now sells for 99.9Million Naira. 

The same also applies to the Cubiq duplexes. This fully detached 5 bedroom house, being the most recent addition to the Imperial Vista Project also boasts of value appreciation. A Cubiq duplex was selling for 99Million Naira at inception. However, the same unit now sells for 149.9Million Naira.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Most definitely. 

You are probably wondering why the Imperial Vista has experienced such a level of appreciation even during its developmental phase. 


Well, there are certain factors that could be responsible for the appreciation of off-plan properties. 

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What’s next for the Imperial Vista? 

With the passing of each day, the date for the commissioning of this luxury residential community keeps drawing near. 

Consequently, the developer has announced that it’s investment plan will no longer accommodate investors who want to make payments in installments up to a period of 12months. 

This means that investors who intend to subscribe to the Imperial Vista in installments must do so within a period of 6months or less. 

Would you like to subscribe to the Imperial Vista?

Our investment advisors are willing and ready to give you an exclusive tour of the project while answering all your questions. 

Don’t be left out.

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