3 Off-plan Investment Opportunities You Can Take Advantage of Today

3 Off-plan Investment Opportunities You Can Take Advantage of Today

The ability to identify fantastic investment opportunities and take advantage of them real quick could be the singular difference between an investor who makes money and one who loses money. 

Since investments in real estate is not a practice that so many people are familiar with, we understand how difficult and demanding the process of finding profitable opportunities could be. 

This is why we have taken a step further to do the bulk of the work for you, to ensure that you enjoy a seamless investment experience.

In today’s post, we will be sharing some of the most profitable real estate investment opportunities in Abuja that you can take advantage of right away. 

These investment opportunities cut across both residential and commercial real estate and are guaranteed to generate high returns within the shortest possible time. And they have been arranged in no particular order.



1. The Imperial Vista 

The Imperial Vista is a premium lifestyle residential community located at the heart of the federal capital, Abuja. It is a luxury gated community with four contemporary house types that have been carefully designed to reflect the personalities of investors. 

We consider the Imperial Vista a fantastic investment for several reasons. They include:

  • Location: Imperial Vista is located at Life Camp – the heart of the city. Considering the fact that Life Camp is a fast-developing neighborhood with ever-increasing demand for quality residential homes, amazing levels of appreciation are predictable.
  • Exclusivity: Have you seen the quality of house types and infrastructure at the Imperial vista? They are unique, state of the art and first of their kind. Exclusivity is one major feature that guarantees appreciation in real estate, and that is exactly what the Imperial Vista offers.

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2.  Brookshore Residence

In one of our previous featured posts, we examined the Brookshore residence as well as the value that investors have enjoyed so far from their investments. Click here to read

Nonetheless, we are bringing back Brookshore Residence here because there are quite a few units still available that you can take advantage of right away.

Brookshore Residence is located at Karsana district, Abuja, and the estate comprises 3bedrooms terrace duplexes. 

Asides the greenery and serenity that the estate offers, the influx of new residents to the neighborhood is one factor that has greatly influenced the appreciation of properties in Brookshore residence.

For instance, it may interest you to know that properties in Brookshore Residence have enjoyed over 100% appreciation in less than ten years.

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3. The Bridge

Over the years, the Bridge has proven to be a fantastic investment. The speed at which investors subscribed to the project, coupled with the value enjoyed so far –  amidst over spilling demands – were what birthed a second phase of the project.

The initial project (Bridge Peridot) is located at Idu, Abuja, while the second phase (Bridge Garnet) which is an improvement upon the Bridge Peridot is located at Airport road, Abuja. 

There are four house types at the Bridge Garnet, and investors have the luxury of options to choose a house type that best reflects their goals. 

The Bridge garnet is a fantastic investment opportunity for several reasons which include:

  • Location: The project is located along airport road, with close proximity to the central area and other city centers. Also, considering the fact that bridge garnet is an improvement of the Bridge Peridot, the state of the art infrastructures, coupled with the exclusivity of the estate are all  guarantees of capital appreciation overtime. 
  • Influx of new residents: Also, the influx of new residents to the neighborhood is not only a signifier of future capital appreciation, but also an indicator of possible cashflow that can be generated via rental income. 

Subscribing to profitable off-plan investments requires that you research the development company to ascertain their commitment to delivering on their promises without any compromise on quality. And for investors who are not so familiar with the real estate industry, this could be overwhelming and difficult. 

This is why we have done the bulk of the work for you and are simply willing to walk you through the process. 

Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity?

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