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We hope you are enjoying a beautiful and rest-filled weekend.

This weekend, we bring you the story of Akin Cole

Akin Cole was a visionary, a tech wizard who had carved his path from lines of code to lines of success. His startup, “NexTech Innovations,” was more than just a company – it was a symbol of his unyielding belief in the power of technology to uplift lives.

After years of hard work, Akin’s products had blossomed into incredible tech solutions that innovatively bridged the gap in healthcare and education for a significant percentage of tech users in Nigeria. His ambition was to democratize access to a better standard of living through innovation.

Despite his immense wealth and success, Akin lived a simple life. His heart remained anchored to his mission, and he chose not to invest in real estate until he could make an impact on a grand scale. His ultimate vision was to build not just a home for himself but a sanctuary that embodied his values and aspirations.

One day, while surfing the web for inspiration, Akin stumbled upon an interview that would forever change his mindset. A seasoned real estate investor, Jessica Okonkwo, spoke candidly about the hidden cost of renting. Her words echoed in his mind: “With inflation and soaring rent prices, do you know you are essentially working for your landlord?” The simplicity of that statement struck a chord deep within Akin’s soul.

Curiosity led Akin to research the interview’s sponsor – a renowned real estate developer with a reputation for transforming spaces into havens. He soon discovered their projects and the stories of individuals who had made wise real estate decisions, they both left him inspired.

The seed was planted.

To be continued…

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