Commercial Centers: Do they Matter?

Commercial Centers: Do they Matter?

A community centre is a hub that provides people with the opportunity to learn, socialise and access key services. 

Community centers are fast becoming a feature of premium residential estates. And that would make anyone wonder what the importance of community centers could be. 

In today’s post, we share some benefits of having access to a community center, coupled with reasons why you should give priority to residential estates that have community centers. 

  1. Health Benefits: Premium residential areas have lots of greenery around the community center. Of course, green environments offer lots of health benefits, including the prevention of several heart and lung diseases. In one of our previous posts, we highlighted the health benefits of living in a green environment. Asides the green environment, some community centers also have recreational facilities. This makes it easier for members of the community to get involved in physical activities that help to keep the body fit – both mentally and physically. 
  1. Social Benefits: Just as the name implies, the essence of community centers is to provide an avenue for members of a community to network and socialize. Asides the countless opportunities that can erupt from a single networking event, social activities can also help to foster unity and oneness among people living in the same neighborhood.
  2. Support for Community Projects: Being united as a community makes it easier for the members of such a community to take on larger projects that are of immense benefit to both the immediate members and the world at large. For instance, it is easier for a united community to take on a climate change project. 
  1. Value Appreciation: The presence of a community center within an estate can help to increase the value of properties within that estate. Although this is dependent on the features of the community center, nonetheless, it is a proven fact that estates with a community center are valued more than those without community centers.
  2. Encourages Activity in Kids: When kids play outside, it improves the impact of physical activity compared to when they play indoors. Community centers encourage physical activity in kids, thereby leading to varying results. For instance, kids who engage in outdoor physical activities have better cognitive function and fewer behavioral problems. 

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