Featured Property: Brookshore Residence

Featured Property: Brookshore Residence

Today on our featured property for the month, we will be examining one of the properties we consider to be a fantastic investment in the city of Abuja.

In this post, we will show you the details of the project, including the value that has been derived so far by investors.
Brookshore residence is a residential estate located at Karsana East, Abuja.

The project kicked-off in 2014 when the developer announced that investors were welcome to invest in the project via its off-plan investment scheme.

The estate is made up of several units of 3 bedrooms terrace duplexes, and these units have been made available in phases.

In 2014 when the project kicked off, a 3bedroom terrace duplex was available for 18million Naira only.
Fast forward to 2021, a 3bedroom terrace duplex is available for 39.9Million Naira. That is over 100% appreciation within a period of just 7years.

Wow! Amazing, isn’t it?

I know you’re probably wondering, what could be responsible for such huge appreciation within such a short period of time?

Well, let’s take a closer look at the Brookshore Residence.

What’s special about it?

The Brookshore residence has certain features that has easily positioned it for appreciation, both for short term and long term investors.

To begin with, one major factor is the influx of new residents to the neighborhood. The Brookshore residence is located at Karsana East, popularly referred to as Gwarinpa extension.

The influx of new residents to the neighborhood has increased the demand for residential homes, thereby resulting in an appreciation of the value of the properties at Brookshore.

Secondly, the Brookshore residence has certain facilities that has made it a choice locations for both investors and residents. They include: recreational facilities (swimming pool, soccer pitch, basketball & volleyball courts, horse ranch, etc.), lots of greenery that guarantee serenity, purified air and a better lifestyle.

In addition, the fact that subscribers can alter the interior designs of their properties has also increased the demand of properties at Brookshore residence. So, don’t be surprised if you find out that most properties in the estate only share the same exterior designs, while the interior has been customized to suit owner’s desire.

The default design of the houses at Brookshore Residence is a 3bedrooms terrace duplex with 2 living rooms. However, most subscribers have altered the interior structure such that they now have a 4bedrooms duplex with two living rooms.

Whether you prefer to have one living room or two, the flexibility that comes with this design has made it more appealing for investors.

All of these, and more, have made the Brookshore Residence an ideal neighborhood for a growing family, or a retirement home.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Interestingly, the Brookshore residence is still open to a few subscribers for off-plan investments.

Wouldn’t you love to take advantage of this opportunity?

Click here to schedule an exclusive tour of the project. An experienced investment advisor will be available to show you around and answer all your questions.


  • Do you have plots of land for sale?
    Can I buy a plot and build according to the estate design or must I buy a full house
    What is the instalmental payment plan like?

    • Hello Njideka, thanks for contacting us. An Investment Advisor will get in touch with you via email with answers to your questions and to provide further assistance. Thanks.

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