Why Did the Apple Fall from the Tree?

We imagine that was the exact question Isaac Newton had that led to his invention of the law of gravity: What Goes Up Must Down.

Questions are important. Because questions lead to answers and answers birth solutions. 

There are specific questions businesses ask before launching out and even all through the lifespan of the business. Questions such as: Who is our business for? Where are they? How do we make them see what we sell? And How do we get them to buy? A company’s success largely depends on how correct the answers to these questions are and the brilliance of its execution.

Today, we are baring a bit of ourselves to you.

In every home each person has a favorite room, here at Hall 7, our favorite room is the Strategy Room. More than the innovation behind its design, are the minds that converge at every session to confront questions and provide stellar answers. We have asked questions like the ones mentioned above, but we have moved way past that. 

Now, some of the questions we are asked are:

  • How do we improve the housing experience for our investors?
  • What do our investors need but might not know they do?
  • What can we do for our investors that no one else does?

The answers to these questions lead to the solutions we create. 

But, you see, what’s more, interesting is how we create these solutions. We paint pictures in our minds. We see our investors on an evening run or a casual stroll with a loved one on a jogging trail. We see their children playing in the fields, or someone meditating in a serene garden. 

We see all these and more, then we build them.

Wouldn’t you like to ‘see’ with us?

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